Trump to seek 24 Boeing Super Hornets in budget

The Navy said it needs more F/A-18E/F planes until more of Lockheed’s newer F-35s are deployed.

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Arson was the cause of Judd & Black fire; police seek tips

Nearly four months later, investigators have announced the official cause of the $3.5 million blaze.

Food stamp funds going out early amid shutdown

This is a workaround by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure minimal disruption to benefits.

‘The only problem is they stink up the place’

Landlord rents $1,500 studio to two cats, hits “peak Silicon Valley.”

YouTube is banning ‘harmful or dangerous’ challenge videos

The company singled out videos that present an apparent risk of death or cause distress to children.

Gymboree begins winding down operations after 2nd bankruptcy

The company has suffered in the post-recession years like almost all mall-based retail stores.

Sears confirms chairman’s hedge fund wins bid in auction

The move, announced Thursday, preserves 45,000 jobs and is subject to court approval Feb. 1.

Attorney: New racist threats at GM plant where nooses found

She says the harassment has been ramping up after workers began speaking out publicly.

Trump’s tariffs are producing billions, but China isn’t paying

Ultimately US businesses and consumers could pay through higher costs.

Microsoft pledges $500M to tackle Seattle housing crisis

Officials say it’s too early to say exactly how much affordable housing ultimately will result.

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