Snohomish County vital statistics

Marriage licenses, dissolutions and deaths.


Shannon Denise Heiss, now known as Sommer, and John Levrich Heiss

Britney Renae Nera and Vincent De Leon Nera

Shelley Lynn Blackburn and David Milton Blackburn

Clara Barfield and Malcolm Barfield

Paula Danelle Smith and Garfield Olivia Johnson

Janessa Lynn Higareda Parra, now known as Higareda, and Jorge Luis Parra Mantilla

Jamie Lynn Smith Morris and Michael Shane Reeser, Sr

Kristine Erica Meusling and Rodney Alan Meusling

Heidi C Wiley and Jennifer B Mesich

Chifulo Mwaba Zimba and Lukwesa Kalima

Philip Dana Rowe and Echo-Anne Elizabeth Hyatt

Rachel Heather Zeledon and William Alejandro Carrion-Zeledon

Sarah Louise Scoringe, now known as Grosse, and David Anthony Scoringe

Alyssa Marie Hoppe, now known as Hale, and Mario Michael Hoppe

Makeda Juji Browne and Anam Asif Saroea

Brian Christopher Yorks and Olimpia Georgiana Yorks

Christa Carol Lamothe and Daniel Mohsen Banan **Pord**

Paul Alexander Bennett and Bailey Lynn Olson

Olga Lidia Jimenez Bravo and Juan Mendez Ojeda

Jacob Tyler Powell and Federica Toscano-Powell, now known as Toscano

Derek John Lyp and Kristina Michelle Lyp

Brian E Lemmon and Kari A Lemmon

Ahmed M M Omar and Rehab Elkelany

Kimberla Young Barnett, now known as Angelliquika, Young Jenkins and Stephen Joseph Young Barnett, now known as Barnett

Krista Danielle Hathaway, now known as Willson, and Brian Dennis Hathaway

Jojo M Dasalla and Rosel L Dasalla

Raymond Edward Strom and Ellen Strom, now known as Johnson

Dario Medina Orue and Jeanette Renee Medina, now known as Laughlin

Hongbin Zou and Tzay Kong Hung

Mary Elizabeth Mcgee and Michael Joseph Maduell

Sonal Hareshbhai Popat and Jay Jagdishbhai Gadhiya

Rhonda R Peseau and Scott W Peseau

Sydney Rue Ross and Thomas Andrew Ross

James E Hestkind and Marlo Rae Ewing

Kasey Jo Lewis and Justin Theopolis Lewis

Marcus Ulrich Tabert and Nicole Ann Tabert, now known as Shinn

Martin Hurtado Figueroa and Jessica Stephanie Arellano

Terry Anderson and Majid Soltani

Janell D Alyea and Sarah Amberosia Cooper

Maria Elaine Wynn and Frank Lee Wynn

Julie Ann Swanson and Brian Dean Swanson

Neneh Jallow-Avants and Modou Njie

Amanda Richards and Geoffrey Gaetz

Jason Patrick Raics and Theresa Pressler Raics, now known as Pressler

Benjamin Duane Lentz and Mary Patricia Lawrence

David Hanks Winship and Danielle Patricia Winship

Diana Ruiz and Mario Ruiz, now known as Tellez

Benjamin John Catania and Timothy Wayne Mckinley

Elizabeth Marie Stark and Craig Lendell Stark

Inna Verlan Cochran, now known as Moore, and David Alan Cochran

James Brian Lindell and Rena Marie Lindell, now known as Mcgrath

Johnathan Dale Engels and Angela Marie Engels

Michelle Renee Buckingham and Brian Robert Buckingham

Jeff Russell and Bridget Russell

Melissa Sue Darby and Travis William Darby

Steven William Green and Jeri Rae Green

Adriana Jaimes, now known as Cortes, and Rosalio Jaimes

Karen Leanne Young and Michael Jameson Young

Lumturie Hysllari and Ali Rusi

Amber L Benoit and Kyle G Steenmeyer

Anastassia Katrina Geiger and Matthew Aaron Carter

John Clifford Roche and Cory Marie Roche, now known as Mattson

Ronald Leroy Oliver, Jr and Jennifer Jean Schillen

Jan Burbank and Steven Burbank

Robin Denise Dodge and Chad Everett Dodge

Heather Marie Obrien and Jeffrey Demiles Olson

Casey Louise Ingram and Paul Vincent Ingram

Matthew Scott Brown, Jr and Elizabeth Marie Brown

Delwin F Divers and Nancy C Divers

Jamie Bradley and Edward Bradley

Sarah Mae Dacruz Kna Seltz and Arthur Eduardo Piava Dacruz

Garcia Evadne Hughley and Karl Dwayne Hughley

Anna Lynn Gibson and Robert Micheal Gibson

Christian E Miramontes and Cathya Avila

Anudari Yeruultuvshin and Azaa Tsolmon

Barry Jason Hershly and Elizabeth Ann Hershly, now known as Tanner

Sarah Nicole Brooks, now known as Branson, and Colton Marshall Brooks

Charles John Wellentin and Courtney Mary Ellen Wellentin, now known as Malloy

Scott Brian Adams and Lisa Marie Adams

Lisa Ann Walker and David Allen Walker

Maria De L Cadenas Sanchez and Adrian Ormiris Gobea Villasenor

Annette Marie Rodbury, now known as Hull, and Steven James Rodbury

Wendy Herzog and Kenneth Herzog

Katherine Ann Rowe, now known as Burley, and James Harrison Rowe

Larry Mcnabb and Lamona Mcnabb

Jason Lynn Clapper and Bridget Elizabeth Lambright

Codie Jean Harrington and Alexander Lee Harrington

Sean Henrik Kiaer and Rebecca Ann Kiaer, now known as Snyder

Maria Luisa Valdillez and Joel Enrique Ramirez Sanchez

Quetzal Bradley and Jossie Michelle Bradley

Stephen Andrew Silvermintz and Margaret Rytka-Eve Burton

Kaylin Mae Hardwick and Samuel Kangala Aka Sammy Kongo

Ramandeep Singh and Jasmeet Kaur Dua

Anne Marie Fieweger and Denis Misael Velasquez Cruz

Michael Andrew Mclaren, Ii and Nyasha Makeda Mclaren, now known as Guthrie

Tiana Chantelle Miles and Justin Michael Miles

Samantha Diann Bilyeu and Frankie James Bilyeu, Jr

Ashlee Skelton and Leland Galland

Yusef Jihad and Amina Loftin

Nathan Richard Warner and Tatiana Warner, now known as Rossi

William Daniel Hensley and Marcie Alexis-Lynn Hensley

Courtney Nicole Schroeder and Michael Adam Schroeder

Susan R Youngsman and Normand Gravel

Lissa Arnold and Christopher Ryan Henderson

Jason Andrew Bourgeois and Salanthia Lynn Bourgeois Jones, now known as Jones

Charlotte Jane Wittenbrink and Kennedy Dewayne Doyle

Joyce Fay Connors, now known as Weidemann, and Andrew Jay Connors

Emily Elizabeth Doyle and Amanda G Hoover

Marsha Jane Motsenbocker and Steven Scott Motsenbocker

Gerard Joseph Kaczka and Suzanne Kaczka

Laura Christine Bader, now known as Wiebe, and Anthony Jacob Bader

Rachel Joyce Ngaruiya, now known as Ndabi, and Andrew Ngaruiya Gitunda

Jenna Suzanne Olsen and Adam Wesley Olsen

Chao Robert Cox and Alicia Marie Cox, now known as Knapp

Nichole C Dubose and Robert Jamaal Dubose

Christopher Michael Robinson and Kathryn Marisol Stemen

Regina Ann Parker and John Dean Kalina, III

Janelle Cheri Cox, now known as Duncan, and Daniel Jason Cox

Marriage Licenses

Martorano, Jesse Alexander and McMahan, Chelsea Lynn, Aug. 4

Fairbee, Victoria Grace and Besancon, Grant Michael, Aug. 4

Cassano, Nicholas Peter and Paco, Harisa, Aug. 4

Caffrey, Alaina and Forman, Blake, Aug. 4

Antoci, Sarah Rebeccah and Gatala, Yuriy Victorovich, Aug. 4

Beavers, Jeffrey Spencer and Zukowski, Kimberly Soon Yung, Aug. 4

Amalong, Haley Jade and Terrazas, Alexcia Dawn, Aug. 4

Mennie, Jack Matthew and Hernandez,-Galindo Marisol, Aug. 4

Brar, Sukhdeep Singh and Sharma, Manjot, Aug. 4

Bell, Ryan Tyler and Rice, Bethany Lee-Ann, Aug. 4

Johnson, Heather Wynne and Regan, Charles Andrew, Aug. 4

Mao, Smontha and Nap, Monita Kim, Aug. 4

Juvrud, Justin and Zimmerman, Abigail Rose, Aug. 4

Mount, Holly Theresa and Smith, Wesley David, Aug. 4

Brown, Capriela Kanlis and Kuehl, Adam Daniel, Aug. 4

Cook, David Michael and Decan, Katherine Grace, Aug. 4

Preston, Zebadiah Andrew and Cannon, Elizabeth Marie, Aug. 4

Sexton, Ginniviev Delaney and Gonzales, Hailey Joan, Aug. 4

Pringle, Camry Shele and Asefaw, Samuel Negasi, Aug. 4

Cohen, Daniel Griffin and Fitz, Ali Nicole, Aug. 4

Muscolo, Rozalynn Elizabeth and Williams, Jesse Lee, Aug. 4

Adams, Lindsay Ann and Chriswell, John Jiles, Aug. 4

Barron, Keely McKenna and Holeman, Collin Raye, Aug. 4

Kain, Jordan Joseph and Sahni, Shalini, Aug. 4

Thomas, Iii Larry Wayne and Woods, Elizabeth Marie, Aug. 5

Arntson, Charlene Deanne and Foster, Troy Kelley, Aug. 5

Salgado, Candido Michelle and Villegas, Reyes Jesse, Aug. 5

Alvarenga, Mauro Antonio and Herrera, Estrella Nancy M, Aug. 5

Nixon, Sara Marie and Turner, Jacob Thomas, Aug. 5

Morrison, Julia Elizabeth and Winkel, Hugh Edward Lee, Aug. 5

Hunter, Nathaniel Albert-Alonzo and Carreon, Campos Victoria Veneranda, Aug. 5

Moore, Devon Robert and Hester, Shealyn Downey, Aug. 5

Cousineau, Alexandria Rose and Rollins, Drew James, Aug. 5

Peterson, Jeffrey Duane and Matayoshi, Minami, Aug. 5

Bonds, Brooke Darlene and Jeffery, Alexander Anthony, Aug. 5

Segle, Kara May and Miller, Patrick Barry Michael, Aug. 5

Carden, Elizabeth Mae and Shields, Zachary Michael, Aug. 5

Woolsey, Kyla Ann and Koehler, Garrick Daniel, Aug. 5

Johnson, Tajwanna Lorene and Wilson, Kevin Jerome, Aug. 5

Wolfe, Morgan Elizabeth Lynn and Hryciuk, Samuel Robert, Aug. 5

Bash, Nicole Victoria and McKinney, Maximillion Scott, Aug. 5

Hawke, Monirul and Ivy, Kailey Anne, Aug. 5

Sandifer, Kaile and Friis, Joshua, Aug. 5

Robbins, Shannon Loree’ and Oja, Joshua John, Aug. 5

Leonard, Matthew Geoffrey and Kramer, Tara Louise, Aug. 5

Marrow, Kimball Erin Lilman and Shipman, Ryan James, Aug. 5

Philippides, Emma Claire and Pruijssers, Michiel Klaas Bram Gust, Aug. 5

Fitzgerald, Erin Lynn and Lindell, Timothy Lee, Aug. 5

Lee, Justin Marshall and Cole, Ashley Ann, Aug. 5

Reavis, Amanda Marie and Lindstrom, William Eugene, Aug. 5

Young, Maria Susan and Kavekai, Jerry, Aug. 5

Carter, Ross and Shoemaker, Misty Dawn, Aug. 5

Oluo, Ijeoma and Teodros, Gabriel, Aug. 5

Nguyen, James and Thich, Sherry, Aug. 5

Wilson, Kazara Rosemary and Getker, Mark, Aug. 5

Stevenson, Constance M and Wilde, James M, Aug. 5

Lincoln, Jeremy Robert and Nguyen, Krystal, Aug. 5

Kostelecky, Lauren Anne and Wilson, Jr. David Ray, Aug. 5

Liao, Jenny Hsiao-Yu and Lin, Yann Giun, Aug. 5

Cortez, Estrada Claudia Celina and Clemente, Perez Luis Ramon, Aug. 5

Del, Rio Trejo Juan and Umayam, Lilia, Aug. 5

Juth, Steven Anthony and Carr, Catherine Severine, Aug. 5

Thoreson, Hans Luther and Benson, Ciara Marie, Aug. 5

Ezop, Danielle and Simon, Mark, Aug. 5

Lucero, Albert Anthony and Ross, Amethyst Carole, Aug. 5

Ruiz,-Huerta Raul and Davenport, Olivia Lee, Aug. 5

Oglesby, Curtis Neal and Strutzel, Kristine Marie, Aug. 5

Irwin, Taylor Lee Willem and Wolfington, McKenzie Nicole, Aug. 5

Maya, Romie De Dios and Valea, Cosmina Maria, Aug. 5

Myers, Elisabeth May and Bremner, Kaitlyn Rose, Aug. 5

Hanner, Dana Kay and Lewis, Jamie, Aug. 8

Stewart, Braden Scott and Neuhoff, Taylor Dawn, Aug. 8

Gregg, Emily Suzanne and Forcade, Zachary John, Aug. 8

Nguyen, Dinnis Toan and Nguyen, Thao Thi Thu, Aug. 8

Oliver, Rayna Naomi and Ross, Eugene Thomas, Aug. 8

Goms, Maryn Carlin and Gumke, Paul Jacob, Aug. 8

Sebranke, Nathan Brady and Gries, Hannah Marie, Aug. 8

McDevitt, Jennifer and Forte, Andrea, Aug. 8

Ross, Jonathan Michael and Amo, Natalie Suzanne, Aug. 8

Frazier, Garrett Warren and Bailey, Alison Marie, Aug. 8

Miller, Jeffrey Daniel and Davis, Lucy Wiley, Aug. 8

Pedersen, Alex Ray and Orescanin, April Irene, Aug. 8

Holt, Allissa Marie and Darling, Stuart Riley, Aug. 8

Te, Tina and Perez, Valera Jose Angel, Aug. 8

Farrenkopf, Amanda Michelle and Ota, Timothy Allen, Aug. 8

Brunt, Richard James and Marshall, Ashley Rae, Aug. 8

McKnight, Kristen Renee and Cooper, Caleb Kenneth, Aug. 8

Jordan, Jared McGregor and Rice, Madison Noelani, Aug. 8

Vasquez, Priscilla and Alvarez, Daniel, Aug. 8

Chesbrough, Adam David and Waterman, Denise Lenee, Aug. 8

Marshall, Abbey Yvonne and Phillips, Austen David, Aug. 8

Heistand, Kaylin Christine and Bowlin, Joel Tavish, Aug. 8

Cannon, Christian and Wheeler, Shawna, Aug. 8

Barth, Sheryl and Greenquist, John, Aug. 8

Bartlett, Tessa Haylee and Hamilton, Carson Jay, Aug. 8

King, Ethan Nichalous and Hoggatt, Emma Michelle, Aug. 8

Kim, Ji Sun and Hagglund, Bradley, Aug. 8

Tieng, Michelle and Hudson, George Anthony, Aug. 8

Henry, Russell and Sutherland, Caryn, Aug. 8

Nelson, Nicholas Brennen and Helgeson, Holly Kalyn, Aug. 8

Games, Alyssa Katelyn and Hernandez, Jr Jason Matthew, Aug. 8

Watson, Ava Angelina and Guadarrama, Santoyo Luis Manuel, Aug. 8

Aly, Autumn Nichole and Bieniek, Mark M, Aug. 8

Warner, Jr John Wesley and Dougherty, Leesa Renee, Aug. 8

Gerds, Oliver Sherman and Crouse, Kaylee Rae Anne, Aug. 9

Kennedy, Vanessa Lynn and Henick, Raymond Charles, Aug. 9

Vanden, Bos Ruth Hyun Joo and Plaisier, Andrew John, Aug. 9

Louangphakdy, Vieng N/A and Hernandez,-Guzman Yuriana, Aug. 9

Farret, Cruz Armando and Gomez, Polanco Catalina Consuelo, Aug. 9

Saunders, Danielle Marie and Schroeder, Ryan Zachary, Aug. 9

Bass, Guinevere Katrina and Bass, Michael Patrick, Aug. 9

Pflederer, Susan Christine and Williams, Gregory Paul, Aug. 9

Bar, Tlett Le Lenya Celeste and Carson, Alan John, Aug. 9

Miller, Jodi L and Pacheco, Cyrus Aaron, Aug. 9

Reid, James Edward and Taylor, Carol Louise, Aug. 9

Guertin, Rebecca Ann and White, Caleb Louis, Aug. 9

Hubner, Sarah Megan and Stolzenburg, Tony Alexander, Aug. 9

Olson, Cheryl Ann and Andersen, Donald Paul, Aug. 9

Drayer, Teresa Ann and Ramirez,-Delgado Gabriel, Aug. 9

Cruz, Ravyn and Castle, Aaron, Aug. 9

Pitsch, Anthony Patrick and McGrath, Morgan Lizbeth, Aug. 9

Hoyden, Matthew Aaron and White, Kacey Marie, Aug. 9

Galeev, Aidar Raufovich and Santos, Maurice Philip Torre, Aug. 9

Miller, Andrew Raymond and Lopez, Valeria, Aug. 9

Bagley, Johnothan David and Floyd, Amber Lynn, Aug. 9

Rhoden, Kevin and Butters, Allegra, Aug. 9

Vetorasso, Isabella and Carvalho, Vinicius, Aug. 9

Fox, Callan and Poliakova, Vera, Aug. 9

Ferguson, Alexander and Fix, Chloe, Aug. 9

Musgrave, Kiara Rachelle and Griffin, Nicholas Thomas, Aug. 9

Faustorilla, Maria Donio and Reedy, Patrick, Aug. 9

Coda, Rebecca Jeanette and Curran, Michael Thomas, Aug. 9

Hunter, Emily Frink and Listo, Jordan Anthony, Aug. 9

Flaherty, John Thomas and Delker, Catherine Sue, Aug. 9

King, Katharine Ann and Wehmeyer, Christopher Alois, Aug. 9

Scully, Patrick Francis and Mackiewicz, Jolanta, Aug. 9

Howard, Emily Hope and Mejia, Chavez Oscar Airy, Aug. 9

Mustain, Lindsay Jo Fitch and Mustain, Aaron Peter, Aug. 9

Solano, Lopez Maria Isabel and Diaz, Pacheco Rey, Aug. 9

Tran, Calvin Hoang Anh and Nguyen, Sang Thi Kim, Aug. 10

Chebotarev, Eduard Sergeyevich and Chebotareva, Dariia Igorivna, Aug. 10

Moore, Linda Marie and Schiefelbein, Lan Walter, Aug. 10

Hutchins, Emily Rose and Black, Alexander Lynn, Aug. 10

Mulvihill, Nicholas Read and Barnes, Nichole Ann, Aug. 10

Haugen, Keenan Erik and McBroom, Ashley Lynn, Aug. 10

Ravelo, Russel Leano and Rasmussen, Rex Alan, Aug. 10

Dal, Porto Bryan Joseph and Hammer, Edward Alan, Aug. 10

Stapleton, Samuel and Tan, Yin Yin, Aug. 10

Rostotskyy, Serhiy and Demko, Maryana, Aug. 10

Coy, Samantha Jean and Viveros, Miguel Antonio, Aug. 10

Anderson, Jessica Renee and Nunez, Bryan, Aug. 10

Eaton,-Jones Chelsey Rae and Jones, Troy Anthony, Aug. 10

Higginbotham, Kailin Marie and Nosetti, Lucas Juan, Aug. 10

Butucel, Roman and Hall, Brittney Marie, Aug. 10

Blumm, Kara Kristine and Schmidt, Tyler Raymond, Aug. 10

Krueger, Abigail Grace and Babare, Daniel Nicholas, Aug. 10

Steiner, Sara and Eisen, Kyle, Aug. 10

McKellar, Sean Jabin and Johnson, Tierra Teresa, Aug. 10

Cruise, Megan Emily and Newman, Connor Charles, Aug. 10

Dubose, Nichole Christine and Fulson, Darian Davonne, Aug. 10

Richardson, Quintin Warren and Nueva, Roxan Duero, Aug. 10

Graham, Treshanna Renee and Poe, Zachary Peter, Aug. 10

Akers, Amy Elizabeth and Pedersen, Jake Robert, Aug. 10

Armato, Peter J and Langdon, Rachel Hunter, Aug. 10

Nguyen, Shandy Thuy and Nunez, Patrick Astoveza, Aug. 10

Neal, Kassidi Amber and Nelson, Jacob Kyler, Aug. 10

Lyons, Ashleigh M and Macdonald, Harry J, Aug. 10

Espedal, Lisa Deanne and Hausenfluck, Kyle Patrick, Aug. 10

Berhane, Zewdi Goitom and Erskine, Roshawn Rodien, Aug. 10

Robuck, Melissa Renae and Nash, Jamie Allen, Aug. 10

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