Legion Memorial’s third hole should be restored to original

Legion Memorial golf course is losing one of the most memorable par-5s in the county and state. During the remodel, due to the water capture and retention project required by the city, it was decided wrongly to remove the third hole par-5.

When I would talk about Legion to a player who had not played there, I would tell them about the third hole. I would tell them how there were many options as to how to play it. It was a very memorable hole. The architect and parks department decided to remove it and replace it with an average par-3 and a short par-4. It also changes the course’s par from 72 to 71. This change will affect the enjoyment of playing the course, and may affect the number of people returning to play. Players may not return to the pre-remodel numbers. If enough people do not return, Legion could face the same demise that Kayak Point golf course did.

I have studied the new layout. I have had a tour of the new layout. Legion Memorial can return the 3rd hole with little or no cost to them.

If the new flag stick is not put in, the grass allowed to grow to fairway lengths, the original par-5 can be played as it has for the last 23 years.

I believe that the city should restore the third hole If you think so as well, let the parks department know. Their conversations with me indicate that they really care to keep Legion the best course they can.

Gregory Goett


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