Legislator’s comments against state orders were dangerous

I have been a lifelong Republican, but a Republican Washington state representative just changed that. Regardless of one’s stance on Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-home order,… Continue reading

Comment: Have we forgotten the lessons of Kent State?

Spiro Agnew’s harsh rhetoric tore America apart; and it made the deadly violence seem acceptable.

Commentary: Trump actually didn’t order meat plants to stay open

In truth, Trump’s proclamation has little authority over workers or companies, unless they go along.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, May 5

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus pandemic (and politics).… Continue reading

Editorial: Food banks and families they serve need your help

The number of people needing help has doubled, at a time when donations are down 70 percent.

Herald Homework: Fast food isn’t healthy

Fast food should not be in a regular diet because of the unhealthy ingredients in it. Fast Food Facts informs us that fast food is… Continue reading

Teach students based on particular learning style

As a retired teacher there is one thing that I would add to Ellie L.’s fine letter on standardized testing. People mainly learn in two… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, May 3

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus outbreak (and politics).… Continue reading

1918 flu pandemic offers a warning to us today

Those that don’t know history are condemned to repeat it! Case in point: Sheriff Adam Fortney declaring the governor’s stay-home order unconstitutional. The U.S. Army… Continue reading

Angie Homola best choice for 10th LD House seat

As everyone knows, these are indeed unique and demanding trying times. But there is some good news, former Island County Commissioner Angie Homola is seeking… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, May 4

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus outbreak (and politics).… Continue reading

How do we make brutal calculus of health vs. economy?

The social calculus of risk to the few vs. economic recovery will be brutal. If the economy stays shut down, more people will become desperate… Continue reading

Snohomish doesn’t need pot shops. Or bikini baristas

In response to Morgan Davis’ letter to the editor asking the Snohomish City Council to “revisit the issue” of pot shops in Snohomish, my questions… Continue reading

Commentary: Is there threat to privacy in anti-COVID efforts?

Contact tracing can help contain the disease’s spread, but use of phone apps raises concerns for privacy.

Commentary: What those with rare diseases want us to consider

Anxiety over a disease with as yet no vaccine or cure was already daily life for 30 million Americans.

Commentary: Why we need to look after our nurses’ health

I cared for Ebola patients in Africa as a nurse; I’m seeing similar strains placed on nurses now.

Each individual should decide whether to stay home or not

Operating by executive order may be the new legal standard for mass compulsion, but the oracle should at least provide details. If there is any… Continue reading

Editorial: Pandemic hasn’t made it easy, but we can still help

You can show you care by downloading and printing the ‘I Care By…’ sign and posting it to social media.

Herald’s Opinion page has alienated conservatives

Pardon me if I’m not feeling particularly charitable, but after 3 1/2 years of condescension, disrespect and disdain from your editorial pages, I find it… Continue reading

Sheriff Fortney focused on politics, self-promotion

The Facebook rant posted by Sheriff Adam Fortney on April 22 regarding Gov. Jay Inslee and the state “Stay at Home” order is unprofessional and… Continue reading