Burke: Rainier’s Paradise lives up to its name on first visit

Hard to be anything but emphatic about clean air, beautiful scenery and a smarter-than-average bear.

Commentary: California blackouts a warning for the Northwest

The peak electrical demand that hydropower supplies relies on the dams on the lower Snake River.

Harrop: Is federal alcohol guideline really based in science?

A health panel recommends only one drink a day for men, down from two. But some doctors disagree.

Viewpoints: Finding a vaccine only part of the battle

Production and distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine will be complicated. We need to plan for it now.

Schwab: Why the Republican Party would rather you not vote

When you can’t make a solid case for your candidate, keep people from voting for your opponent.

Commentary: It was the images that mattered in Trump’s address

The night contrasted the beauty of the White House scene against the threat of carnage of a Biden presidency.

Commentary: Pence came to praise Trump; and did only that

After a day of disturbing news, Pence kept to his practice of complimenting his boss.