Milbank: Impeach, if only to put Republicans on the record

The GOP’s members of Congress must be asked if they’d be silent if a Democrat repeated Trump’s actions.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Sept. 25

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ignatius: Trump compromised national security for his benefit

In leveraging military aid to Ukraine to aid his campaign Trump broke his oath as commander in chief.

Is America fed up with Trump yet?

I’ve put up with a president who “bought” his way to the White House with bribes and who turned that American shrine into his own… Continue reading

Milbank: Democrats learning they can bulldoze past McConnell

The Majority Leader will delay, but ultimately he will give into pressure to defy Trump’s wishes.

Minimum wage is laying waste to jobs and companies

Picture a Midwest farmer laying waste more and more land every four to five years! Crazy! Minimum wage law creates an empty, ever expanding area… Continue reading

Others should follow coach’s lead and refuse pay raise

How truly refreshing to read that University of Virginia men’s basketball Coach Tony Bennett was thinking of the staff and asked that a raise offered… Continue reading

Parker: Another victim in Kavanaugh saga

A friend of Christine Blasey Ford, who refuted Ford’s account, was repeatedly pressured to change her story.

Snohomish for Equity working to dismantle racism here

In 2017, a diverse group of mothers in Snohomish found themselves recounting incidents of racism and bigotry that they had witnessed locally, as well as… Continue reading

  • Sep 25, 2019

Editorial: Thunberg, other youths, prosecute our inaction

If we dismiss the warnings of young climate change activists, we will not, should not, be forgiven.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Sept. 24

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Harrop: Trump has turned his vandalism to the environment

He is seeking policies that are unwanted even by the industries he claims to be helping.

Is attack on Saudi refinery an excuse for Middle East war?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities did not come from Yemen, even though a group of Yemeni… Continue reading

Lake Stevens City Council: Dickinson a model on outreach

Days after becoming homeless, I met Mary Dickinson, candidate for the Lake Stevens City Council. She invited me to a community discussion on the topic,… Continue reading

Not hard to find examples of dumbing-down in U.S.

Did you know you can have “inaccurate factual statements?” That is what our own state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said when he withdrew from making… Continue reading

Robinson: Trump’s brazen acts an invitation to impeachment

Even impeachment-averse Nancy Pelosi calls his latest actions a ‘grave new chapter of lawlessness.’

This is how we became a divided nation

So much talk these days centers around the obvious need we have to see each other’s perspectives and to come together and find what unites… Continue reading

Consider costs of Housing Hope project on taxes, neighborhood

Have you heard the term “housing first”? It is a housing model that has been studied around the nation. There are many ways to implement… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Sept. 23

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McArdle: Automakers, union can’t find road to mutual benefit

You can sympathize with each side and still not understand why they keep repeating past mistakes.