Teachers to receive layoff notices

  • By Sarah Koenig Enterprise reporter
  • Tuesday, May 6, 2008 2:36pm

Up to five Shoreline School District teachers could get layoff notices before May 15 because of declining enrollment in the areas they teach.

Their jobs could be restored later, though, depending on retirements and resignations.

As for what subject areas the layoffs would be in, the district is “still finishing that work,” said Marcia Harris, deputy superintendent.

“(There were) a few vocational classes where enrollment is not as high as last year,” she said.

The staff members were not assigned to other work in the district because their certification allows them to teach only a limited subject area.

“I think it’s important to understand we are not cutting programs,” Harris said.

Officials have begun the layoff process for 3.2 full-time-equivalent, or FTE, positions. Up to five people could be affected.

Harris said she couldn’t specify how many teaching positions would be closed for next year.

“I can’t answer that until we’re done,” she said.

The Shoreline School Board approved starting the layoff process at its Monday, May 5, meeting. This was the last meeting before May 15, so officials had to get board approval of possible layoffs, but they’re still working out the final numbers, Harris said.

When teacher positions are closed, many are usually taken care of through retirements, resignations and reassigning teachers. The number of position closures is often higher than the number of layoffs.

Statewide, district officials have a May 15 deadline to notify certificated staff that they could lose their jobs for next year.

After May 15, they can restore certificated positions but not cut them.

Last year, officials asked the board for authorization to lay off 3.2 FTE positions, but in the end only one person was affected.

The final number of positions that were laid off last year was .4 of a full-time-equivalent position.

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