Where Snohomish County ranks in property taxes

  • HBJ Staff
  • Wednesday, April 9, 2014 10:46am

The average owner of a single-family home in Snohomish County pays $2,780 a year on property taxes, according to numbers released today by Zillow, the online real estate website.

That accounts for about 1 percent of the average home’s value.

For the state, Snohomish County ranks fourth in highest average property tax bill for single-family homes behind King, Pierce and Spokane counties.

As a percentage of home value, Snohomish County ranks sixth in the state.

Island County came in at eighth for highest property taxes at $2,414. For Island County, the taxes are about .8 percent of the average home’s value, good for 15th in the state.

Adjusting for the average cost of single family homes in each county, the award for the highest property tax burden goes to Pierce County, according to Zillow.

In that county, the average tax obligation, $3,314, amounts to 1.3 percent of the average single family home value.

For more information: www.zillow.com/blog/highest-and-lowest-property-taxes-149303/

Here are the top 10 average property tax bills by county:

1. King County: $4,507

2. Pierce County: $3,314

3. Spokane County: $3,168

4. Snohomish County: $2,780

5. Grant County: $2,757

6. Kitsap County: $2,687

7. Thurston County: $2,572

8. Island County: $2,414

9. Asotin County: $2,061

10. Clark County: $2,026

Here is the average tax as a percentage of home value:

1. Pierce County: 1.3%

2. Asotin County: 1.1%

3. Spokane County: 1.1%

4. Wahkiakum County: 1.0%

5. Columbia County: 1.0%

6. Snohomish County: 1.0%

7. Thurston County: 1.0%

8. King County: 0.9%

9. Okanogan County: 0.9%

10. Kitsap County: 0.9%

15. Island County: 0.8%

Source: Zillow

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