Ellie Krieger

A bright and zingy salad to set aside the wintertime blues

The recipe for green bean and radicchio salad with walnuts was born from a near-empty refrigerator.


Make a comforting tomato soup that tastes fresher than the can

This homemade creamy tomato soup is full of pantry staples — including the cheddar popcorn garnish.


This dish marries Southern charm and Italian flavors

Braised collards with tomato and chicken over polenta is a comforting dish that bridges two worlds.


This sunny citrus salad will brighten a dark winter’s day

The oranges are cut into rounds which, when plated, form a brilliant stained-glass-like layer.

Make-your-own pancake mix is way better than store-bought

But it’s just as quick and easy to whip a batch, which will please the lazy teen in your home.

Fish stew marries Sicilian trio of fennel, olives and orange

It calls for cod but any firm, white-fleshed fish like monkfish, halibut and sea bass will do.

These tapas-style turkey meatballs make great party nibbles

They are so good and so versatile, you might want to make a double batch.

Balance of flavor is just right in chocolate-orange crisps

These chocolate-dipped orange crisps are more about the citrus and less about the sugar.

On a chilly day, this chicken and chickpea stew will warm you up

Double the recipe for leftovers because it tastes even better with a day or two’s refrigeration.

Many intermittent fasters skip breakfast. Not a good idea.

Evidence shows you’re better off fasting in the evening and overnight, then eating early in the day.

Park your veggie leftovers from Thanksgivng in this frittata

The dish emerges from the oven puffed and golden — not feeling the least bit recycled.

These nuts bring the heat and the sweet to holiday dishes

You might want to make several batches because they also make a lovely hostess gift.

Is this pudding better than Grandma’s? You bet it is

We love a good banana pudding, and this even one’s better than we remember.

What’s better than French toast? Stuffed French toast, of course

Pumpkin stuffed French toast, full of fall flavor, is a weekend treat worth cozying up at home for.

There’s a ruby-colored reason this fruit dessert is so saucy

Just be sure to use a sweet ruby port, not a tawny one, in this elegant after-dinner dish.

What’s for dinner? How about a skillet pie with sweet potatoes?

This dish is like an autumnal version of shepherd’s pie that’s as tasty as it is healthful.

Big, bold flavor of kimchi elevates simple weeknight dish

It revs up the seasoning of a stir-fry so you can pare down the ingredient list.

Celery root deserves the star treatment in your fall cooking

Its gnarly appearance makes it seem tough and unapproachable, but it is actually tender and lovable.

Big, juicy pork chops — stuffed with a flurry of fall flavors

Celebrate the season with apple and kale stuffed pork chops in a riesling mustard sauce.

These warm spiced pear muffins have a sweet secret

For more healthful muffins, sweeten them with ersatz “sugar” made from dates.