Ellie Krieger

Mixed-berry galette with one crust makes dessert easy as pie

It’s a fuss-free way to turn the season’s wealth of berries into a splendid summer fruit pastry.


These three healthful tweaks can transform a quesadilla

Mushroom, spinach and goat-cheese quesadillas are made with whole-grain flour tortillas.


How you’ll love to eat labneh, the Middle Eastern schmear

Top your toasts with the yogurt that is so thick and spreadable that it is referred to as a cheese.


Need a vegetable side dish that tastes luxe? Add Parmesan sauce

This spring vegetable skillet has a creamy sauce thickened with milk and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

There are a lotta frittatas out there, but this one’s a keeper

This recipe makes for an easy, everyday meal, but also presents beautifully for entertaining.

Crisped rice treats without the cloying marshmallow? Sweet

This recipe calls for a coating of honey and peanut butter rather than melted marshmallows.

This whole-grain salad can be served warm or chilled

Feta cheese adds a wonderful salty note to the dish, which goes well with grilled meat.

How to ranch-dress a salad and keep things light

Of course, “healthfulness” goes out the window if you dip Buffalo wings into the dressing.

Black rice lends beautiful hue to more healthful pudding

Ground cardamom adds an Indian flavor twist to this reworking of the old favorite.

Average black bean dip, improved: This one’s smoky and warm

It’s like a magnet as an appetizer at a party, but it also makes for a playful and nutritious meal.

This fish is positively crumby — and we like it that way

The recipe calls for white fish topped with bread crumbs that you make extra-crispy in a skillet.

This stroganoff has had a makeover, but you’d never know it

It still calls for regular sour cream, but the ratio of beef to mushrooms in this recipe is flipped.

Why you should stop trying to lose weight

The number on the scale is only one indicator of wellness.

This mushroom risotto swaps Arborio rice for steel-cut oats

Steel-cut oats are a good candidate for “risotto,” because they lend a thick, creamy texture.

Peanut butter helps West African-style stew find the ‘sweet spot’

This recipe is a colorful medley of sweet potatoes, tomato, bell pepper and collard greens.

When Ellie Krieger makes a chocolate treat, she crushes it

These no-bake goodies are made with shredded wheat cereal to give them a cookielike crunch.

Cheesy jalapeno snacks for the Super Bowl? Touchdown!

This baked version is just as tasty as the deep-fried ones at your favorite bar.

Pureed soup is a smooth way to get your vegetables in winter

Coconut curry carrot soup is a fulfilling way to start a meal or to serve alongside a sandwich.

This one-pan savory fish is one step in healthful direction

Halibut in miso broth is light and nourishing, yet comforting and desirable.

This borscht is gorgeous — and good for you

It boasts lean beef in every bite, but root vegetables are still the star of this comforting soup.