Ellie Krieger

Inside-out tacos are a fresh take on the hard-shell classic

Turn tacos inside out by using lettuce leaves in place of the shells and tortilla chips as a topping.


This warm, herby feta will make your guests reach for seconds

The recipe calls for parsley and dill, but you could add or substitute chives, basil or cilantro.


Make your mornings glorious with these easy, healthful muffins

A bite into one reveals a cinnamon-y, moist, tender crumb that boasts the scrumptiousness of cake.


Pretty peas, put this spring spread on toast

Sweet peas are slathered onto whole-grain toast, then showered with more flavors of the season.

With flavorful chutney, grilled chicken gets star treatment

Here’s a meal brimming with enticing Indian-inspired flavors that’s ready in less than 30 minutes.

Nutritious apple ring ‘Samoas’ would make a Girl Scout proud

This recipe takes your staple apple-and-peanut butter snack to the next level.

Let canned tuna anchor this crunchy Mediterranean salad

This recipe’s single must-have ingredient is a high-quality jar or can of tuna packed in olive oil.

Greek yogurt helps make this panna cotta luxurious and light

White mounds of “cream” make a stunning platform for a gem-toned cascade of gently sweetened berries.

In this ginger-miso dish, chicken and pears make an unlikely duo

This sheet pan dinner is slathered with a sweet-savory miso mixture made with fresh ginger.

When a simple salad needs some crunch, call on celery

This recipe is destined to be in your repertoire well after celery’s 15 minutes of fame has passed.

Get to know Kvass, celtuce and other ‘new’ good-for-you foods

Just when you’ve finally learned how to pronounce quinoa, here’s another batch of healthful foods.

How to make a meatloaf that’s lean and hearty — not to mention tasty

It’s the centerpiece of a heartwarming dinner and makes an excellent lunch the next day, hot or cold.

Here’s a clever way to make chicken potpie with a better-for-you crust

A crumble crust made of whole-grain pastry flour, olive oil and a bit of butter transforms the dish.

A bright and zingy salad to set aside the wintertime blues

The recipe for green bean and radicchio salad with walnuts was born from a near-empty refrigerator.

Make a comforting tomato soup that tastes fresher than the can

This homemade creamy tomato soup is full of pantry staples — including the cheddar popcorn garnish.

This dish marries Southern charm and Italian flavors

Braised collards with tomato and chicken over polenta is a comforting dish that bridges two worlds.

This sunny citrus salad will brighten a dark winter’s day

The oranges are cut into rounds which, when plated, form a brilliant stained-glass-like layer.

Make-your-own pancake mix is way better than store-bought

But it’s just as quick and easy to whip a batch, which will please the lazy teen in your home.

Fish stew marries Sicilian trio of fennel, olives and orange

It calls for cod but any firm, white-fleshed fish like monkfish, halibut and sea bass will do.

These tapas-style turkey meatballs make great party nibbles

They are so good and so versatile, you might want to make a double batch.