Ellie Krieger

These fruit and nut energy bars are a smart on-the-go snack

They have no added sugar, and don’t taste weird like packaged energy bars.


Craving dessert? Try this pineapple with spice-infused honey

Caribbean flavors — lime, thyme and allspice — take the dish in a tropical direction.


A truly scrumptious weeknight dinner that cooks in no time

Crispy-skinned sheet-pan chicken and cabbage scores high on flavor and low on effort.


Make-ahead egg muffins for a delicious, on-the-go breakfast

These mini fritattas are packed with hearty quinoa and colorful sauteed vegetables.

Here’s popping fresh proof that slaw isn’t just for summer

This bright winter salad stands up boldly to the season’s savory stews, soups and roasted dishes.

Welcome winter with a bowl of this creamy, silky celery root soup

Thanks to a triple-threat of healthful ingredients this soup gets its luxurious texture with no cream at all.

Celebrate on a lighter note with sumptuous breakfast strata

This one skips the sausage and cream, so you won’t feel like napping after enjoying it.

Bubbling-hot crab-spinach dip will warm up any Christmas party

Cream cheese and thickened milk make it delightfully creamy but not gut-bomb rich.

Cranberry-orange snacking cake begs to be shared with a friend

Cozy and comforting, it boasts a muffinlike crumb, fresh cranberries and brown-sugared walnuts.

Sheet-pan shrimp bruschetta that works as dinner or a starter

This savory dish is a score year-round, but especially so during the hectic holiday season.

Dessert cups combine sweet potato and pecan pies sans crust

Because no crust is involved, these pies in pudding cup form are much more healthful and simpler to make.

Here’s a sheet-pan dinner for a small Thanksgiving gathering

Dish up a stunning turkey centerpiece with seasonal sides for four in about an hour from start to finish.

Tomato-less chili opens up a world of comforting possibilities

Pork chile verde is a white and green number that gets its heat from fresh poblano and jalapeno chiles.

Greek potato nachos the snackable mash-up you’ve been missing

Thinly sliced roasted potatoes are piled with feta cheese, herbs, hot peppers and a yogurt-lemon drizzle.

A luxuriously creamy soup without a speck of dairy? If you must.

Pureed cauliflower and potato give this comforting soup its faux-creamy mouthfeel.

This creamy pumpkin spoon bread flirts with sweet and savory

The souffle-like dish proves that pumpkin can bring so much more to the table than pie.

Add peanut sauce and vegetables to upgrade a chicken sandwich

This thrilling sandwich was inspired by Southeast Asia’s satay sauce, made for dipping skewered meats.

Roasting fall fruit deepens their flavor and nourishes the senses

It’s a healthful autumnal dessert or brunch dish, served on its own or with a dollop of creamy yogurt.

Tomato sauce and oats give these turkey meatballs a fresh twist

Serve this exciting yet comforting meal in a bowl with a hunk of crusty bread or onto a bed of couscous.

Make a savory skillet pancake with that glut of zucchini

It emerges from the oven golden and fragrant, ready to be dolloped with a creamy yogurt-feta sauce.