Are we spoiling for war with Iran?

The attacks on tankers in the Persian Gulf invoke shades of the Gulf of Tonkin! (In 1964; Google it.) This has the big thumb print of the CIA or their like all over it. The list of suspects should include the 100 to 200,000 mercenaries and their employers in the region. The one time that Iran closed the gulf was quickly done with mine layers and was thoroughly closed. These current incidents only disabled the ships without an oil spill. Wow! How convenient; no ugly oil spill on tourist beaches. Sounds like someone operating within strict guidelines. Get a war, but no mess.

America, do we want a war in a far away country just so the price of oil stays down or to get the Iranian oil off the market so that the other oil fields (American-owned or -controlled) can have higher profits? Why not take that money, a crash of a new fighter costs $100 million, plus the cost of pilot training), $1 trillion was spent on the last Iraq War. This could pay for a non-oil transportation system here. Electric or/and hydrogen cars and trucks with low carbon emissions and the infrastructure needed. We have interfered with Iran and their government for over the last 80 years. Isn’t it time to quit trying to control everything in the world and live up to what we profess to believe in: “All people have certain inalienable rights”?

Chuck Best


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