Overpopulation is what’s driving climate change

Hellish forest fires, super storms, parching droughts, desertification, mass extinction, filthy water, new deadly diseases, civil unrest and violence are in our faces daily. Is 2021 cursed or is Mother Nature giving us a final warning?

All these extreme events are called “climate change” which is just a vague and cowardly euphemism. Call it as it is: Overpopulation! There are too many humans, devouring our diminishing resources. The fact is we are changing our climate and pushing all life to extinction.

Because of our runaway population, we are now using the principal of Earth’s bounty. We’re no longer living on just the interest of Earth’s resources. Any accountant can tell you how fast the principal disappears!

In his search for the source of human misery, Thomas Malthus wrote “The Principles of Population” (1798). His conclusion: Too many people for the available resources, from jobs to land to food, and women, equal desperate poverty and misery.

Malthus also sadly concluded that the traditional ways to balance the population have always been The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War, Pestilence, Famine and Death are the horrors that will consume our families. Do any of us want to see our children gnawed like a bone?

Bottom line, our beleaguered planet cannot mother 9 billion of us.

If we as rational beings don’t take the steps to achieve balance, the next sounds we hear will be the thundering hooves of those lurking Four Horseman.

A revolution in population policies is our strongest chance for a kinder future. We need voluntary universal family planning and we need it now!

Susan Birkenbuel


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