Supreme Court to decide Microsoft data privacy case

Where does data in “the cloud” actually reside and what sovereign entity should have control?

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South Carolina plans to use drones to remotely watch inmates

“I think you’re seeing the future of corrections, right here.”

Feds: Uber self-driving SUV saw pedestrian but didn’t brake

The system relies on a human backup driver to intervene, but is not designed to alert the driver.

Testimony resumes on 3,000-condo development at Point Wells

Then a hearing examiner is to decide one of the more complex projects the county has ever considered.

Brazil: Boeing-Embraer deal likely as defense fears soothed

Brazil’s defense minister hopes talks will wrap up by the end of the year.

Netflix tops Disney market value, becoming No. 1 media stock

Its revenue remains well below that of the media titans.

CBO finds higher deficits than Trump administration projects

The White House projects a $445 billion deficit, whereas the CBO says the deficit will top $1 trillion.

Survey: Bee death increase may be tied to climate change

“Weird weather events disrupt them.”

Trump signs law rolling back post-financial crisis banking rules

The president suggested that the measure should perhaps do more to help the biggest banks.

United board faces a long to-do list, from chairman to jets

The airline is weighing an order for more Boeing 787-8 planes to replace an aging twin-aisle model.

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