Election 2016

State high court upholds $1,000 fines on ‘faithless electors’

They signed pledges to back their party’s nominee, Clinton, in 2016, but then voted for Colin Powell.


Rogue electors are undeterred by their latest legal setback

Each had signed a pledge to support the Democratic nominee when they were chosen by peers.


Electoral College: Trump wins; 4 state electors break pledges

Donald Trump sewed up the presidential election Monday, overcoming an…


Strong-mayor proposition in Snohomish now passing by slight margin

The fate of a strong-mayor proposition in Snohomish is still too close to call. On Wednesday, Proposition 2 was failing by eight votes.… Continue reading

Election brings a bigger tax bite to south county

South Snohomish County will have some of the highest sales taxes in the nation starting next year, as a result of last week’s… Continue reading

Obama, Trump and the ‘zigzag’ nation

One country, two tribes, the United States elected in turn… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee on path to re-election

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee grabbed a commanding lead on Republican Bill Bryant on Tuesday and… Continue reading

Candidates hang on to leads in tight county races

Front-runners held steady in some of the closest races for elected office in Snohomish County on Wednesday, the… Continue reading

Minimum wage, carbon tax top list of state initiatives

Washington voters decided the fate of several high-profile initiatives on… Continue reading

Trump, and GOP, prevail in a nation deeply divided

Emboldened Republicans claimed a mandate Wednesday for President-elect Donald Trump… Continue reading

Anger over Trump explodes; protesters set fires, smash glass

Demonstrators angry about the election of Donald Trump smashed windows and set garbage bins on fire early Wednesday in downtown… Continue reading

Some fear election’s lasting damage to American Christianity

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey The Washington Post Teryn O’Brien has stopped calling herself evangelical. As a 28-year-old living in Colorado Springs, O’Brien has held concerns… Continue reading

Clinton on pace to win popular vote, despite losing election

Despite losing Tuesday’s presidential election, Hillary Clinton appears to be… Continue reading

Unlike nation, state and local voters deliver mild surprises

ELECTION 2016: RESULTS • STORIES • DATA DASHBOARD OLYMPIA —Wow. Tuesday was crazy. Unforgettable. Historic. Across the nation we consumed results as they arrived one… Continue reading

Snohomish County voters split elation, worry over Trump

Snohomish County went blue as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump swept battleground states. Snohomish County… Continue reading