Inbox: Transportation miscellany edition

By Chuck Taylor

For whatever reason, our inbox of late has been crammed tighter than a fully loaded 737 with stuff about transportation, human and otherwise.

• Travel + Leisure magazine says Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the eighth-best airport in America and ranks it No. 1 for coffee (duh) and No. 2 for Wi-Fi. For you travel nerds, the best airports, in order, are MSP, CLT, DTW, MCO, SFO, BWI, LAS, SEA, DEN and MIA. The worst are LGA, LAX, PHL, JFK, EWR, ORD, IAD, BOS, IAH and ATL.

Allegiant Air plans to build a 9,000-square-foot terminal building at Bellingham International Airport, the Bellingham Herald reports.

• The luxury express-bus business is finally coming to the Northwest. Greyhound-owned BoltBus will begin service from downtown Seattle to downtown Portland on May 17. The buses will have extra leg room, leather seats, power outlets and Wi-Fi. They promise fares as low as $1. When one travels this way, one books online and then shows up at a curbside departure point with reservation printout in hand. In Seattle, that location will be at Fifth Avenue South and King Street, near King Street Station and the transit tunnel. BoltBus is a subsidiary started by Greyhound and Peter Pan to compete with a proliferation of upscale service by upstarts, reports Forbes.

• The state Department of Transportation has released an annual Aviation Economic Impact Study, which is about airports, not manufacturing. In short, airports are good business.

• It’s not just Bellingham and the North Sound where they’re talking about coal exports. The Columbia River, too, is seen as a potentially good location for loading ships to Asia, reports

Delta Air Lines buying an oil refinery reminds us of the time a newspaper chain bought — and then divested — paper mills. We’re just sayin’.