Link found between Stuxnet, Flame

LONDON — Cybersecurity researchers said Monday that they’d found a link between the infrastructure-wrecking cyberweapon known as Stuxnet and the recently discovered Flame virus — possibly offering a new clue about the latter’s origins.

Kaspersky Labs’ Alexander Gostev says his company had identified a similarity between a subset of the code used in Flame and another set of code used in an early version of Stuxnet.

Stuxnet appeared to be aimed at damaging centrifuges used in Iran’s nuclear program — the most high-profile example of malicious software being used to wreak havoc in the physical world.

Speculation as to the virus’ authorship settled around Israel or the United States, a theory given new credence by a New York Times article detailing how President Barack Obama ordered a wave of cyberattacks against Iran’s underground nuclear plant at Natanz.

Associated Press