Port of Everett shipping schedule

As of July 2, 2012. This Port of Everett schedule is tentative and subject to change.

02-JulyBright StreamECL
02-JulyWestwood DiscoveryWestwood
10-JulyWestwood ColumbiaWestwood
17-JulyWestwood PacificWestwood
24-JulyWestwood OlympiaWestwood
25-JulyMorning LucyEUKOR/Fesco
30-JulyWestwood CascadeWestwood

Ship port calls 2012 year to date: 60

Barge port calls 2012 year to date: 30

Ship port calls in 2011: 100

Barge port calls in 2011: 56

SOURCE: Port of Everett