Reaction to the 777X deal

Some of the reactions by officials and business leaders to the deal between the Boeing Co. and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), as well as Gov. Jay Inslee’s call for a special session of the Legislature:

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson: “I am elated that Boeing and the Machinists have reached a tentative agreement today. A strong agreement brings us one step closer to seeing the next generation of the 777 built in Everett. Today’s announcement is a testament to the talent and experience of Boeing’s workers, across all fields. It’s also a testament to the promise and potential of the next generation of skilled workers who will be called upon to help design and build the 777X.

“Many people across the state have worked for months to get us to this point. I especially want to thank the Governor and his staff, who have led our efforts to streamline permitting processes and push for transportation and higher education investments that are critical to the success of Puget Sound’s aerospace industry.

“As mayor and lifelong resident of Everett, I look forward to seeing the next generation of the 777 take shape in our city. Boeing is part of the fabric of our community. They have long been a vital part of our economy, and help support more than 200 aerospace suppliers in Snohomish County alone. But Boeing is more than just an economic force. Today’s announcement represents security for our families, opportunities for our students and a continuing legacy as the home of the world’s premier aerospace company.

“This agreement is a major milestone, but we have more work to do at both the state and local level to sustain our progress and help pave the way for the 777X in Washington state. Congratulations to Boeing and the Machinists union for reaching this agreement today. We look forward to being a part of this new and exciting chapter of your history.”

Snohomish County Executive John Lovick: “Today’s announcement by Gov. Jay Inslee is the result of many people working together for months to realize a common vision that will influence generations to come. I’m proud to have partnered with people so dedicated to our economic future, including Gov. Inslee and his staff, and Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson.

“This is about creating legacy jobs – jobs that support our families, instill pride in our workers, and make an impact locally and globally. We’re proud of our aerospace history in Snohomish County, but we’re even more dedicated to our future. I’m confident our legislators will make the necessary decisions supporting our transportation infrastructure and demonstrating our commitment to the success of the 777X.”

Mary Kaye Bredeson, executive director of the Center of Excellence for Aerospace &Advanced Manufacturing: “The governor’s proposal is a game-changer in keeping Boeing and the aerospace jobs here in Washington. We strongly support the governor’s proposed investment in transportation, education, workforce development and are committed to work with all to make that happen to ensure the 777X project is built here in Washington.”

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.: “It’s very encouraging to see that the Machinists and Boeing have struck a potential deal to make the Puget Sound home to the 777X. Over the past few months I’ve been in touch with both sides to help facilitate discussions and to reiterate the unique benefits Washington state provides to both Boeing and its workers. While both sides in those discussions understandably represented their sometimes competing needs, they also recognized the common advantages that our state provides in terms of skilled workers, engineering and technological know-how, and communities that have supported aerospace for nearly a century.

“There is no denying the long-term economic impacts of the 777X decision on our state. That’s why a long-term agreement between the Machinists and Boeing that will help grow our state’s economy far into the future is so important. Going forward, I’m hopeful that the state legislature can help support this deal, and the future of aerospace in our state, by passing legislation to invest in our state’s education and infrastructure needs.”

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash.: “The proposal to bring the 777X to Washington is a recognition that our aerospace workers are the best in the world,” Larsen said. “This deal has the potential to lock in decades of new aerospace work, bringing thousands of good jobs to Everett and securing our state’s place as the aerospace capital of the world.

“I commend the Machinists and Boeing for working together on this proposal. These talks are always difficult, and over the next few days, union members will have a significant conversation on the way forward.

“I hope the legislature comes to a cooperative agreement to invest in transportation and education. Investing in our roads, bridges and highways is the right thing to do not only to secure the 777X, but to build the foundation for long-term economic growth across the state. And we need to continue to invest in education so Washington state continues to have the best trained aerospace workforce of the world.

“Successful transportation investment in Snohomish County needs to be well-rounded, and include transit investments as well as road improvements. I look forward to working with the state and county to make the smart choices that will fuel growth.”

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