WWII fighter planes taking to the skies at SeaFair

  • Wed Jul 30th, 2014 1:53pm
  • Life

By Cory Graff

This year, the FHC will be bringing four aircraft to perform over Lake Washington during SeaFair. The planes are some of the most important and impactful Allied aircraft of World War II.

The Spitfire and Curtiss P-40 were, respectively, the chosen front-line fighters of the British and American air forces at the beginning of the conflict. Soon after, the big, burly Republic P-47 Thunderbolt arrived on the scene. The sleek and speedy North American P-51 Mustang eclipsed them all when it entered combat in large numbers. Almost equal to the Spitfire in dogfighting prowess, the Mustang could fly great distances, making it one of the most valuable aircraft of the war.

Amazingly, three of the four FHC planes flying over SeaFair actually took to the skies, in combat, during World War II.