Americans die younger than people in other rich nations

Analysis: It’s because we don’t have universal health care, basic income and child care.

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Austin bomber blows self up; fears of more explosives remain

When police approached, the suspect detonated an explosive device inside his vehicle.

Congress lurches toward government shutdown deadline

The thorniest issue seemed to be immigration policy, according to aides familiar with the talks.

Breaking up with Facebook? It’s harder than it looks

There’s just one problem: There isn’t much of anywhere else to go.

He didn’t like the beer, so he filed a class-action lawsuit

The claim against Pabst Brewing Co. alleges false advertising in the sales of its Olympia products.

Teen shoots girl in Maryland school, dies in confrontation

Sheriff: A prior relationship may have existed between the shooter and the female victim.

Trump congratulates Putin on his reelection

Some world leaders hesitated, since Putin’s most prominent opponent was barred from the ballot.

New blast sends bombing investigators to Texas FedEx center

Hours after the explosion, a bomb squad was sent to a FedEx in Austin to check a suspicious package.

Key design change stymied Florida bridge cost, schedule

It’s unclear if the change affected the collapse, but some worried delays could jeopardize funding.

Brazil mourns the murder of a rare hero

When she died in a hail of bullets — an apparent ambush — even crime-calloused Brazilians were shocked.

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