Crossing a Honolulu street? Don’t text to avoid a fine

It’s now the largest U.S. city with such a law on its books.

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Trump accusers: ‘Heartbreaking’ to see him elected

Three women described how they felt threatened and disgusted by their encounters with Trump.

Pipe bomb strapped to man explodes on NY subway platform

The man and three others were being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Start the clock for Trump, GOP in last push on taxes, budget

Voters who will decide which party holds the majority in next year’s midterms elections are watching.

Firefighters protect seaside California towns as blaze rages

A huge and destructive fire in Santa Barbara County — fifth-largest in state history — exploded in size.

Final push for Moore and Jones in Alabama Senate race

Republicans bet on a simple bottom line: Most Alabama conservatives simply won’t defect to a Democrat.

Haley: Trump’s accusers of sex misconduct should be heard

“I know that he was elected, but women should always feel comfortable coming forward.”

Deaths from window blinds show need for cord ban, study says

Nearly 17,000 children were hurt by window blinds between 1990 and 2015, and almost 300 died.

Pioneering black journalist Simeon Booker dies at age 99

Served for decades as the Washington bureau chief for the iconic African-American publications Jet.

Congress plans to cut tax write-offs for disaster damage

The write-off is one many little-known deductions that would be wiped out in the Republican tax plan.

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