Flames and screams after two 737s collide at Toronto airport

Passengers reported that the aisles were blocked by people searching for their overhead bags.

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After silence on Parkland, NRA pushes back

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA chief executive, excoriated the media for its coverage of the shooting.

Again the question: Could armed teachers stop shootings?

Some call it more of a solution than hiding in a corner from an armed intruder.

Tearful student asks Trump, ‘How do we not stop this?’

The president has indicated he is willing to consider ideas not in keeping with NRA orthodoxy.

Billy Graham’s body to ‘lie in honor’ at U.S. Capitol

His coffin was built by inmates who typically construct caskets for prisoners who cannot afford one.

Billy Graham preached simple message, reached millions

“America’s Pastor,” who has died at age 99, abandoned narrow fundamentalism to engage the broader society.

Trump endorses raising minimum age to 21 for more weapons

The NRA on Wednesday announced it opposes raising the age limit.

Clarence Thomas should be off Supreme Court, accuser says

Angela Wright was supposed to testify after Anita Hill, but her turn never came.

Parents: 101 Nigerian girls missing after Boko Haram attack

Police and the state ministry of education initially denied claims that studentswere seized.

Shooting town hall: Sen. Rubio on defensive on gun control

“Guns were the factor in the hunting of our kids.”

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