Opiate addiction: Drug treatment more effective than detox

About 80% percent of those with an opioid-use disorder weren’t getting any treatment at all in 2015.

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Back to work: Government shutdown ending as Dems relent

The vote set the stage for hundreds of thousands of federal workers to return to work on Tuesday.

Town beset by traffic via navigation apps closes off streets

Apps like Waze reroute some of the tens of thousands of vehicles headed to the George Washington Bridge.

Fur and fury at 40,000 feet as more animals board planes

Airlines say a surge in poorly trained animals has turned some flights into airborne menageries.

Trump hits solar panels, washing machines with tariffs

The administration cast the decisions as part of his pledge to put American companies and jobs first.

Top gymnastics board members resign in wake of abuse case

Gymnasts say the organization did nothing to protect them after they were abused by the former team doctor.

Pennsylvania court throws out congressional boundaries

In a 4-3 decision, the court prohibited the congressional boundaries’ use for the 2018 elections.

Emergency official: 5 missing after Oklahoma rig explosion

17 workers were reportedly taken off the site after the blast, but more than 20 were at the site.

Legal? Border Patrol agents board bus and ask for papers

The Border Patrol’s Miami section confirmed Monday: Yes, that’s us, and we can do that.

Sewage spill shuts beaches along California’s Central Coast

The spill at the facility in Marina started Friday night and an operator stopped it eight hours later.

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