Ability to work middle a big deal

I like President Obama mostly because he is in that median that most politicians find so difficult to stick to. My measure of a good public servant is someone who can make everyone unhappy to some degree. Certainly, I don’t agree with all his positions. Obamacare scares me mostly because I’m afraid the Republicans will try to underfund it to make the experience unpleasant. But didn’t Obama at one point offer to give up tort reform if the Republicans would support him? I guess he didn’t sign a pledge.

My suggestions for Obama’s next campaign slogans: “He’ll Deal”; “Pliable Principles Better Than None”; “I Can Change My Mind, I Have One”; and “I’ll Try Anything Once.”

Reminds you some of FDR. And what part of the New Deal would Republicans sink? Bank deposit insurance, Social Security, the eight-hour work week, or all the above? Yes, we independents have to run as fast as we can just to stay in the same place.

Doug Grandpre

Lake Stevens