Actions consistent with his character

In reading Scherf’s wife’s comments in Saturday’s article, “Byron Scherf’s wife of 24 years files for divorce,” I was dumbfounded by her ridiculous statement that the murder “seems so inconsistent with his character.”

Well, let’s see now, she met him by letter while he was serving a life sentence for raping and setting on fire a woman, then when he was released (why was that?), he plotted the kidnapping and rape of a real estate agent.

Where does his wife see any consistency in his behavior? What’s the old saying: There are none so blind as those who cannot see… And now he murdered a prison female guard. More inconsistency? Wow, is this woman actually living in the real world? Maybe she now wants a divorce because perhaps she fears that she is next on his agenda, if he ever sees freedom again.

Marilyn Fisken