Add some context to budget figures

I am writing regarding your page titled “Need to Know.” I understand that we have to hold our government entities responsible, and some positions do get paid good money. For example, two weeks ago, salaries were for fire chiefs throughout the county. Why don’t you list their responsibilities along with their pay?

Anyone can look at the money and complain, but would anyone really be willing to take on all that they are responsible for? I know I would not, as I feel life is too short. I know that some may argue with me, but some of the higher public positions probably don’t get paid enough for the things that they see, like a family displaced by a fire and a person dying after crews had tried to resuscitate them.

Another one that got me was Sunday’s “On the Record.” The expense by the city of Everett for $4,874 to H &L Sporting Goods for softballs. Did you research to learn that maybe those were the same softballs that were used in the Everett Police Department’s baseball program for the community that your paper had pictures from? I’d been interested to learn about that. Or how about the $143,335 the city of Monroe paid to Everett Utilities for water purchased, no news here, if the citizens of Monroe want good running water or even water at all, I doubt that they care how much it costs and where it comes from.

I understand all this information is public record and as citizens we do have a right to know what our government does, but please do not use it out of context. Please provide details.

Thank you!

Andrea Duffy