All moves end up costing consumer

I wonder how many of you fellow citizens have heard or read in the past few days that the reason for the recent rise in gas prices was due to ethanol producers not getting their subsidies. Doesn’t this strike you as being a bit unfair for us to pay this missing subsidy at the pump?

Our governmental officials cut off this handout to the producer when they know that cost will be transferred to the public. There is something terribly wrong with that. This week I heard our illustrious governor state that the oil companies have been racking up enormous profits and now she wants to charge the companies a buck and a half per barrel of oil coming into this state. What an incredible idea that one is. Does she or any of our state leaders think we won’t bear the brunt end of that at the pumps, too?

I think the entire situation with regard to oil companies, outrageous profits and current taxing structure needs some serious attention. Politicians fail to seriously legislate, regulators fail to regulate and we continue as the victim in all this mess. If you feel like you are being taken advantage of please call or write your state officials, representatives and senators and let them know you want them to seriously address these things. If they can’t get it done then perhaps we should vote all the incumbents out of office this November.

Ron Pooler