All states should reject Arizona law

I strongly oppose the actions and attitudes reflected in the May 2 letter, “All states should follow Arizona.” The writer appears to have bought into the misinformation and outright lies of some media “pundits” who blame all our woes on undocumented immigrants.

These people are not criminals, they are victims. They are nothing more than poor people seeking work who are prevented from entering this country legally by our dysfunctional immigration laws. They are not responsible for “bankrupting our health care and education and robbing our Social Security” as they get little or no health care or education and no Social Security.

Unless we are Native Americans, we are all descendants of people who entered this country when its borders were open and welcoming. They no longer are, and that needs to be fixed. The writer’s suggestion that the children of undocumented immigrants should not be citizens is unconstitutional.

The violence that occurs on our border with Mexico is not caused by undocumented immigrants, but by drug cartels that feed the continuous demands of so many Americans for drugs, and by the American gun runners who supply them with weapons. Those are the problems we should deal with.

And there can be little doubt that Arizona’s new anti-immigrant law is racist. That law was lobbied through the Legislature by a group that has long advocated reducing the influence of people of color, whom it regards as “inferior” to European-Americans. Hopefully, other states will have the common sense not to follow such an example.

Margery H. Krieger