An ageless spirit in Marysville

After reading the article in Oct. 7 Herald article titled: “Consensus sought in school mascot’s name change” I had to respond.

The 1953 Marysville Quil Ceda yearbook dedicated and featured the artwork and story of “Tommy Hawk.” It reads: “Tommy Hawk” has been with us in spirit since competition in sports and scholarship began. He took definite form in the year 1947 when Butch (Richard) Spencer put his pen to paper and brought forth this lovable character. May we ever hold dear the spirit of Marysville-“Tommy Hawk.”

Here is an excerpt from “Tommy Hawk-An Autobiography”:

Have you ever wondered where I came from, what I symbolize, what part I play in the activities of your school?

To start with, I am ageless for I came before Marysville, before the first people came here to farm. A town emerged and with its growth many schools appeared and I’ve gone to them all. I started and graduated with every class, played in a million games, helped with championships and trophies. I’ve helped students win high scholastic and activity honors.

I’ve been in your plays, gone to your dances, and participated in your music groups, too. You see, I’m in everything, for I’m in you.

Each graduate that leaves to become a loyal American citizen takes a part of me with him. Every school, every nation needs a symbol to fight for, a spirit to boost them on.

That’s why I’m proud to be “Tommy Hawk” the living spirit of Marysville. I am its heart, its soul, its inspiration!

Some ask how long I will live. I’ll live as long as you are eager to learn, willing to try, and determined to win in all you set out to do.

Vicky Wall