An efficient way to move commodity

The way I see it: Just about everything affects air quality. Cars, trucks, boats, home heating, and electrical generators. Life evolves. We need lots of electricity, we need our cars, we need goods transported across the country. Trains are very efficient, creating a lot less pollution than the equivalent number of trucks to haul the same cargo. Or we could go back to the 1800’s and live with piles of horse manure in the streets and fires caused by cows kicking over a lantern.

Asking an interstate commerce business to limit itself because it might occasionally inconvenience you isn’t fair. I cross the tracks every day. I’m stopped by a train on average once every 2 or 3 months. I’ve waited longer at some traffic lights than for a train. Be honest. How often are you actually stopped by a train?

The railroad was here before any of us. It has no where else to go. It isn’t the railroads fault that we all decided to live near the tracks. Some people complain about the loud horns on locomotives. These are mandated by the Federal Government because there are too many drivers that think a train can’t hurt them. Don’t blame the railroad.

I’ve read a lot of articles where someone claims that dust from coal trains will ruin air quality. But I haven’t seen any actual tests to prove it. All I’ve heard is a lot of people saying the sky will fall. The coal will be treated with crusting agent to prevent dust. It also seems logical to me that if there is any dust it would be blown off long before the train gets to Washington.

Let’s be fair. Consider the positive possibilities too!

Ken Adams