Article on point guards right on point

Thank you for the super article on point guards by Aaron Lommers. (“On Point: The eight characteristics of great point guards.”) It brought back memories of our Terrace High team that placed fifth at the Tacoma Dome 25 years ago.

I have distinct memories of our point guard, Pete “Not Mike” Holmgren, being pushed and trained in practice by then-Hawk assistant coach Jim Frey, who would hound Pete “belly-to-belly” in length-of-the-court defensive drills.

Without Coach Frey beating Holmgren into shape during those “HawkDome tutorials” similar to the mentoring given by Pat Morita to Ralph Macchio in “The Karate Kid,” our squad probably wouldn’t have made it down to Tacoma.

It’s stories such as that one that are part of any point guard’s behind-the-scenes maturation process, as their visible playing career is forged on the invisible anvil of hard work. Thank you to Pete Holmgren and Jim Frey for making our Tacoma Dome dreams a reality!

Steve Goodman

Mountlake Terrace