Attacks stepped up long time ago

First off, this knucklehead’s action in Florida burning the Quran is objectionable to me. However, if we think for a minute that his actions are going to result in the entire Islamic population revolting against America in any greater fashion than they are doing now, we have our heads in the sand.

The Taliban and al-Qaida don’t need any reason to step up their attacks on us. If it were not this burning it would be something else just as minor. Anyone in political power in this country not defending his right with at least the same vigor as they have been doing with the mosque at ground zero is pandering to an audience that could care less about our way of life and government.

When the Muslim world, and for the most part the rest of the world, starts to condemn brutal beheadings of innocent news reporters, stoning of women, and the horrific attack of 9/11, people like this pastor in Florida will see no need to take similar actions. Until then, he is acting out what most of us know but don’t express: al-Qaeda and their followers are committed to bringing down the Western democratic lifestyle.

Dan Wenceslao