Being a swing state too stressful

The Herald’s position stated in the Tuesday editorial “End the electoral college” would increase a serious mental health problem for Washington citizens. I agree that the Electoral College is an unnecessary and unfair system, but the alternative is downright dangerous. If every state becomes a “battleground state,” the mental health of all Americans will be in jeopardy.

My sister-in-law lives at ground zero in the Electoral College fight — Columbus, Ohio. When she visited us in September, she was already showing signs of “CTSD” (Campaign Trauma Stress Disorder). Battleground status breeds sign pollution, incessant door-knocking by complete strangers, traffic jams caused by candidates with their Secret Service entourages, and TV ads devoted to nothing but politicians. How do battleground residents know where they can get a deal on aluminum siding or a Dodge Ram when these legitimate advertisers are shoved out of the marketplace? How many productive hours have been lost in Ohio when candidates tour factories in Dayton or eat burgers at Wendy’s in Columbus?

I want Washington state to remain blissfully unaware of this sort of political pandering. Besides, we have our own local political battles. For the third time in as many elections, the governor’s race is pretty exciting. In our little corner of the state, at least two state senate races are worth watching. That should be enough excitement for us.

Francis J. Lynch


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