Bias clouds commentary

In his Sunday column, David Ignatius calls the effort to discover the truth about Benghazi a “GOP Jihad”. This is flat out repugnant. Claims of “bi-partisanship” seem to only work one way, I guess. There may be both Republicans and Democrats that feel the process was a waste of time looking into “phony issues.” What of those other Republicans and Democrats who feel differently, that the process was a necessary thing? Aren’t those opinions “bi-partisan” as well?

The fact that 80 percent of voters think this issue is important is apparently lost on Mr. Ignatius. His entire column is focused on his opinion that it was Republicans and Fox News that have wasted this past year. Not one mention of the deceptions that flowed from the White House through the President, Jay Carney, Susan Rice or Hillary Clinton.

When a columnist loses objectivity and defends scandal after scandal, regardless of whether it is “bi-partisan” or not, they do not deserve a pulpit from which to misinform people that otherwise would not know good information from bad.

Regardless of whether we are reading Krauthammer, Robinson, Sirota or Ignatius, we need quality information devoid of personal bias.

Jerry Keating