Bicycles don’t damage streets

At least two or three times a year there’s a letter suggesting we “Tax, license bicycles like cars,” as noted in the Wednesday letter. The majority of cyclists also drive cars, therefore already pay all required taxes.

The second point here is that bicycles cause zero damage to roads. Bicycles not only cause no damage to roads, they eliminate environmental pollution, as well as improve human physical well being and reduce traffic congestion.

Bicycle trails, such as the Centennial Trail in Snohomish County, are jointly funded by county, state and federal governments for the benefit of all. Bicycle lanes are created only as part of new road construction.

I can agree that some cyclists could use some education in road etiquette, but that education can be obtained from the many cycling clubs throughout the Puget Sound region, including the Snohomish County BIKES Club (

Michael Dahlstrom