Birth control flap hides real issues

I’ve really got to hand it to President Obama and the puppeteers from whose strings he dangles. The recent manipulation of the Republican presidential hopefuls, the American public and the media is awe inspiring. Well, maybe with the media it is more like a manipulative partnership, but still impressive.

The opinion columns of late are full of righteous indignation regarding whether health-care insurance should include contraceptives. Note “Eugene Robinson: Where is GOP outrage over Rush?”; or “Dana Milbank: Republicans: You do know women vote, right?”; various opinions from readers, and the purely news-generating remarks from Rush Limbaugh, designated right-wing blowhard. The debate rages on. The real issues fall by the wayside.

While women rant about this being an important issue to them, the “administration” claims the economy is getting better and wants gas prices to equal those of Europe. Meanwhile the debt is $15 trillion, maybe $16 trillion, and increasing by billions daily. The rate at which our collective souls are being sold to China is increasing on a logarithmic scale, and we are obsessed over whether a presidential hopeful might support the right to have contraceptive coverage included in health insurance.

Obama knows that after his re-election, which is being ensured by the sleight-of-hand redirection of our attention from relevant issues, this health-care debate is a moot point.

I’m not a Republican, but in answer to Dana Milbank’s question, yes, I know women vote. But I also know that anyone that believes this is the burning issue of our time better start paying closer attention.

Chris Johnson