Businesses insult, harass elders

Over the past few years there has been a considerable amount of news about how some law enforcement agencies are profiling various citizens or groups of citizens. The general response has been that this is something that should not be done. If it is not to be done by law enforcement agencies, why are businesses allowed to do it to the point of harassment?

I am a senior citizen and a veteran. Each week I am overwhelmed with correspondence suggesting that I am deaf, disabled, unable to make choices, or need to be cremated. All because I have reached a certain age. I do not invite nor appreciate this type of attention. These are not the shotgun type of advertising like what is included in the newspapers and bulk mailing. These are addressed to me. How do these businesses know how old I am? What is their source of information and was it legally obtained?

I find it offensive to be constantly inundated with this material, targeted directly at me because I am older. Frankly, if I needed such services, I would avoid the ones that are pestering me. If I need something or a service, I can go to the Yellow Pages or online with a search engine and get all the information I need. I think it is time for these businesses to have a bit of moral conscience and leave the senior citizens at peace.

Dennis R. McNamara