Caring community helps family after loss

Over the last weekend in October, Marysville Youth Soccer held a fund raiser to help Juan Mendoza’s family with some of their expenses. We had hope that by donating all of the proceeds from our concessions at the soccer fields we could share a few hundred dollars with the family. What I learned was that even the smallest gestures can turn into the most amazing displays of kindness and generosity. I have the honor of delivering more than $3,500 to Juan’s family raised during the two days of support from our incredible community.

There were so many organizations and individuals that made this event a success. Marysville Printing for donating information cards, Abelmark for donating the Vinyl Signs and Marysville Home Depot for donating a pallet of bottled water.

I would like to thank the individual soccer teams that brought money up as a team or took the money they had been raising all year in their “goal” jars to pay for the end of season party. A few teams that I know personally made great contributions are the Wildcats, Cobras, Strikeforce, Panthers, Snake Eyes, Ray Trujillo’s teams and I am sure others that I am not even aware of.

MYSC held a skills challenge and raised almost $500 for development. It was decided to donate those funds as well. Referees who came to officiate our games made donations and reflected on the loss of a member of their ranks.

Teams from all around Snohomish County came to play soccer over that weekend, and they brought parents, grandparents, friends and relatives out to watch like any other soccer weekend and were touched enough to show their support for a family that most didn’t know but could only imagine the loss to our community and to his family.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that each weekend make our Soccer Club a success and when asked to step up for a great cause do so without even questioning.

Bill Brubaker

President, MYSC