Caring staff bring so much to clients

There is a small slice of heaven right here in Everett. It goes by the name of Garden Court Retirement Living and is the home to many happy, energetic and contented retirees.

Our mother was a resident there for the past 2 1/2 years and those years were some of the happiest she has spent in the last 10. This happiness came from the wonderful, caring people who staff Garden Court (Karen, Cherie, Claudia, Cheryl, Jamie, Lavinia, Natalya, Alyssa, Steve, Paul and the delightful Dora, who graces the dining room with joy and warmth). There are no words to express the degree of commitment they show to their clients.

Just like on a cruise ship, the management makes living here a daily enjoyment. You, or your loved ones, are treated with warmth, compassion, respect and much-loved laughter.

Should you ever consider a change of pace after 55, I urge you to consider the unparalleled elegance, beauty and second-family atmosphere of Garden Court. They call it Garden Court; we call it a piece of the Garden of Eden.

Linda Galbraith

(daughter of Eileen Binkley)