Charges filed quickly in Tacoma

This letter is in response to the April 1 letter, “Charges should be filed in girl’s death.” I could not agree more with that statement. In fact, why haven’t the parents been charged for it? They left a loaded weapon in the vehicle with children. On top of that, they left it unlocked. Please tell me what person in their right mind does something that stupid. Wasn’t there an arrest made in Tacoma of parents whose child was killed by a gun in the car? Why have no charges been filed in this case?

I’m in agreement with the letter writer; I see this being swept under the rug. I guess when you are a police officer, you get away with crimes. Investigation, yeah right.

Seems to me that whether you are a postal worker, garbage collector, police officer, etc., you should be treated equally under the law. I’m waiting for the headlines that say, “Charges filed in little girl’s death by a handgun that was available for children to have access to.” We shall see.

Denise Sutton