Children today are too coddled

Regarding the Wednesday editorial, “Stop ‘paddling’ in schools”: The last time I was subjected to corporal punishment by my dad, I was 15 years old. All because I referred to his friend he was with by his first name, instead of Mr. so and so. Believe me it worked, I never did it again, after that smack in the mouth.

The principal at my kids’ elementary school carried a paddle in his back pocket, and just the sight of it kept most kids in line. All my wife had to do to keep our kids in line was show them the wooden spoon. They knew what that meant. The trouble today is we coddle kids too much. I see the difference in my grandkids by the way my daughter and my son discipline their own children. Sometimes kids need a paddling. We are raising a bunch of spoiled brats today. When I see a 10-year-old walking around with a cell phone to their ear, I wonder about those parents. I ran a business while still working and never had a cell phone. They have way too much today.

Chuck Heinitz