Citizens won’t get voice on vacancy

The unexpected vacancy created by Arlan Hatloe’s resignation from the Everett City Council is unfortunate. However, unlike the sad passing of Drew Nielsen, this vacancy is the result of a deliberate choice, not a tragedy. Presumably Mr. Hatloe’s decision came after careful consideration, which is curious as it comes mere weeks after the November elections but months before the next elections will be held.

I have absolutely no personal issue with Mr. Hatloe, nor Ms. Burke, but it seems rather obvious that “officially” or not, he has made it very clear who he would prefer to fill his position. One thing is clear: the citizens of Everett will have no voice in the selection of an “interim” replacement and instead will have to wait nearly a year to vote. In the meantime, the council will have established their preferred replacement as essentially an incumbent — a distinct advantage at election time, especially as it pertains to City Council positions. Perhaps I am missing something but on the surface this looks very “unfortunate”, indeed.

Dawn Sittauer