Congress must call for inquiry

It appears that it is going to be politics as usual where four Americans were murdered in Benghazi. Elected officials and the administration want us to focus on Gen. Patreaus’ indiscretions with his in-bedded biographer and not focus on the real issues. These issues are: Why were the requests from the ambassador for additional security ignored even after there had been a prior security issues at the consulate and British entities in Benghazi? Where was the president during the attack and who can verify that, did the president have knowledge in real time what was going on? What did the president do to assist those persons under attack before he left for his fund raiser in Las Vegas, a city he told American citizens not to go to because of the bad Bush caused economy? And if he did every thing he could, why were his orders ignored to assist the murder victims or did he want no action taken at all?

It’s time for Members of Congress of both parties to stand up for America, put their party affiliations aside and call for an appropriate inquiry where all can compare the testimony of those called to testify. If it is still going to continue to be politics as usual, the murdering of four Americans doesn’t matter, then every member of Congress should turn in the keys to their office leave the capital immediately and run off like cowardly dogs a with their tails between their legs.

Jim Tagart