Critical programs need funding

I voted yes to Monroe schools! My daughter is a thriving first grader in the Dual Language Program at Frank Wagner. It is a new program and each year a bilingual teacher and para educator must be hired as students move up in grades. Funding is critical and without a levy renewal, this program, as well as many other innovative learning options in Monroe may cease to exist.

It’s not just about alternative learning programs. It is about quality of education and quantity of resources. To hire and retain great educators, we must offer competitive wages. If we want our children to be safe and comfortable to learn, we must provide adequate classrooms and buildings. They should be properly maintained. If we want our children to be able to compete for living wages in the future, we must provide the necessary tools to ensure their technological skills are advancing to meet employer’s needs. If we want to support our students and better our community, we must provide what is needed to maintain and improve our schools.

Education is the key to a successful future. It is our duty to provide whatever is needed to get the job done. You may disagree with the way money has been managed by the district. Fine, participate in the budget process, attend board meetings, volunteer for planning committees, do something productive about it. Voting “no” will not change the way money is handled. It will eliminate any chance for improvement. It will hurt our children. It will hurt our community. It will be a slap in the face to our teachers who have dedicated their lives to our kids. Please make education a priority and vote yes!

Nicole Erickson