Dangerous traffic requires policing

I just read a letter from a reader complaining about Everett Police doing too much traffic enforcement. (“Police priorities seem backward.”) Does the author realize how many more people are killed by motor vehicle than by guns?

On a recent four-mile, round-trip to the store and gas station I had five cars coming toward me crossing the center line with all of those drivers looking at their laps. I followed two cars that were weaving while those drivers also peered into their laps. I saw one car turn left in front of another while the driver had a phone to their ear and a cigarette in the other hand. I saw three pedestrians nearly hit by drivers talking on phones. I saw three people get into their cars in the lot, pull out and immediately make a call on the phone. Finally, I was at the gas pumps when I smelled burning marijuana. I looked to my left and saw a gray Jeep pull into the adjacent pump with marijuana smoke rolling out of the window.

I suspect that most of the offenders mentioned are normally law-abiding citizens who really don’t believe their driving is affected. You all know who you are. I, too, don’t believe my driving is affected and can legally use my phone because of hearing aids but I refuse to do so. I couldn’t live with maiming or killing someone over a phone call, text or sandwich. Can you? I urge everyone to pay 100 percent of their attention to driving these killing machines and put away all of the distractions.

Phil Tribuzio


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