Demand creates jobs, not the rich

I had to respond to the Aug. 16 letter, “Demonizing rich reaps nothing.” In fact, the opposite is true. By educating people about income disparity in this country, which is, by far, the largest of all industrialized nations, and reminding people that since the Bush-era tax cuts, the highest-income earners are paying the lowest rates in U.S. history and that net job growth during the Bush administration was zero. Clearly, the rich don’t create jobs.

The only thing that creates jobs is demand for goods and services, and that demand is fueled by the middle class. The rich don’t create demand for anything, they just park their money off-shore to avoid paying taxes.

When the middle class has extra money in their pockets they go out to dinner more often, they go to the movies, they spend more at the grocery store, they go on vacation and they may buy a new washer and dryer, a refrigerator, or a new car. All of these thing stimulate local and national economies and create jobs.

According to the writer, I may be a non-thinking liberal, but at least I have my facts straight and I didn’t get my information spoon-fed to me by right-wing news sources.

To believe in trickle-down economics is to believe in the tooth fairy.

Robert Morris