Dentists’ fees are the real problem

Regarding the letter, “Dental care: Education, state aid are essential”: The public’s general poor dental health is not a matter of education or lack of charity on the part of our government. It is the result of outrageous fees for any work done by a dentist. When one can walk into a dentist’s office and sit in the chair for a little over an hour and be handed a $2,000-plus bill, therein lies the problem in regard to people not going to their dentist. Even after what is left after one’s insurance pays is appalling … especially for many of the simple procedures that are not rocket science.

It is shameful the fees dentists charge for even simple procedures such as fillings … at least 30 years ago, dental fees were somewhat reasonable and most people could afford to go to the dentist. For the Washington State Dental Association to imply that it’s because people aren’t “educated” is ridiculous! I don’t think the many people that walk around with excruciating pain (which we’ve all had and know it is the worst) from a toothache are doing it because they are not educated … That is almost a joke! We are not turnips that just fell off the truck! Please do not speak of us as such.

Tere Ryder