Details of ‘probe’ very frustrating

I was both angered and frustrated by the Thursday article in The Herald “No timetable set on Reardon probe” and left with a lot of questions. The investigation was handed over to the Island County Prosecuting Attorney, Greg Banks, because of a “conflict of interest” with the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s office. What conflict of interest? Isn’t part of the responsibility of the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney to investigate potential wrong-doing by Snohomish County officials?

Obviously, Mr. Banks is sitting on his hands with no sense of urgency to expedite the investigation into the charges against Mr. Reardon. If Mr. Banks is too busy, why did he accept the responsibility of the investigation? So far, no one connected with the investigation has interviewed Mr. Reardon as he continues to hide behind his office as County Executive and his lawyers. Why? Now we find out that Mr. Reardon and his aide, Kevin Hulten, may be involved in dirty, if not illegal, campaign tactics. Sound familiar? Remember Richard Nixon? Remember his “dirty tricks”?

I get the feeling that everyone involved in the investigation (and especially Mr. Reardon) feel that if this drags on long enough, we, the taxpayers, will just forget about it and Mr. Reardon can continue his tax and spend ways with impunity and move forward with his political aspirations.

One final question — if Mr. Reardon does not have to answer to the Snohomish County Commissioners, who does he answer to except the apathetic people who keep voting him into office?

Mike Shouse