Difficult to forsee being vulnerable

I read your paper every day. Even though there is a lot of negative news in the paper, it’s my outlet to the world since I don’t have the pleasure of cable TV, or a vehicle to drive anymore, as a disabled senior citizen.

Could you please publish again who to contact about the possibility of increased train traffic in Marysville?

The lack of arts support in Marysville is such a shame! Other towns seem to have arts activities, and activities for seniors.

I read in a book recently that 80 percent of all seniors are abused in some form from their own relatives! The name of the book is “Prime Time” by Jane Fonda. It is a very good book to read.

I am on a fixed income. I should have saved for old age but stupidly I did not. It would be nice to be able to afford even a $15 haircut.

I cannot imagine more cuts to seniors and to education. Not to mention other things that are important to people. You cannot take away one’s education, your spirit as an American and your belief in God.

I was recently robbed while being away on a trip to visit my 83-year-old mom who lives in Arizona. It’s sad how vulnerable seniors are.

Sorry to say, but young people just don’t have a clue until it happens to them. Our world is constantly changing. Some for the better, and some for the worse.

Lynn Johnson