Dog-waste mail not that costly

In respectful response to the Oct. 6 letter regarding dog-waste mailings, I would like to question the writer’s “approximate” quote of the “design cost” of what I assume to be a tri-fold brochure.

The writer’s letter states, “The pamphlet cost you: Design costs: approximately: $80,000…” and goes on to quote much more realistic costs of printing and postage. It may be possible a that an extra zero, or two, or three, were added. In reality, the county likely has graphic designers on payroll to produce this work, and if not, I’m very sure that The Herald has multiple graphic artists in its ranks who might like to give a very competitive quote for the design. They may even jump ship to earn close to two years salary on a “pamphlet.”

I would hope that in the future, letters reviewed by editors immersed in the exact subject matter the letter is discussing, might consider “sensationalism” or “fact” prior to printing. This “$80,000” figure is very obviously an imaginary number. Again, please understand that this is a completely respectful response. If the county does not, in fact, have any graphic designers on hand, they should. And, if the county doesn’t, I’m sure that in this economy people would jump at the chance to earn $80,000 for two or four hours of work. Where can I apply?

Birk Vail