Don’t begrudge teachers’ pittance

Sept. 10 was the first day of the first full week of school for most students. I am still thinking of the Everett teachers’ contract approval vote. (Article, “Everett, Monroe school boards OK teachers contracts.”) I just don’t see how anyone could possibly object to a teacher receiving a meager $15 a day for a kindergarten class over 24 students or an intermediate class with more than 27 students.

How many folks make more than $15 an hour for a job much less important than teaching our next generation?!

Or — what would day care cost a day for one child? Much more than $15! Who among us hasn’t struggled raising just two or three children? Imagine a classroom with a ratio of 1 to 25! Let’s not begrudge teachers this pittance. Let’s ask our Legislature to finally work on fully funding education.

Susan Davison