Don’t forget about Granite Falls news

I have always respected The Herald and its commitment to covering Snohomish County news. So, when I read the Sunday front page article about Snohomish County cities, and their issues in the coming year, I did not see any mention of Granite Falls. The city is facing many of the same issues of the other cities in the county, and it would be nice to be included in the coverage. We have two new city councilmembers, and a new mayor ready to take responsibility after the debacle that was Haroon Saleem’s administration.

The City Council has approved development of a large plat, and in its last meeting had to make the difficult decision to eliminate the police department in lieu of an unsustainable general fund. There are many reasons to be positive about the coming year in Granite Falls, and I look forward to The Herald covering our fine city.

Seeing how many small cities have had to get rid of their police departments over the last few years, maybe its time for our representatives in Olympia to investigate how general funds can be sustained in the wake of the recession and loss of property tax revenue.

Matthew Hartman

Granite Falls