Don’t overreact with the security

My thoughts and prayers go out for the victims and their families for this tragedy by this mentally deranged individual. Some people are calling for metal detectors and more police in the lobbies and in the auditoriums.

I am a lifetime moviegoer who loves to go the big theaters, get hot buttered popcorn and a Coke and enjoy the movie. Much better than seeing it online or on TV three to six months later.

I feel that these would only accomplish three things: Keep more people from going to the movie theaters, raise the price of tickets again, and not accomplish the goal of a safe theater-watching experience.

This individual would have passed through a metal detector, and even if police had been in the lobby or in the theater, and would have not seemed out of place to briefly sneak outside, prop open the door and take a phone call.

He then came back in with full body armor, guns and ammo and shot lots of theater-goers. None of the above would have slowed him down, even if police had been in the theater.

If the movie theaters overreact, I’m afraid that movie theaters will become dinosaurs, and go the way of pay phones in public, regular TV reception for free, and live customer service on the phones.

Don Webb